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In our world today it seems as though no matter where you turn you are over saturated with bad news that puts the spotlight on the darker side of society and highlights depravity and social injustices. We at Hunt County News understand that this kind of behavior occurs every day around every corner and it is a tragedy. The loss of life and the lack of morals and respect for our fellow human beings is disheartening. Unfortunately it is the reality of the world today.

Therein lies the problem, “the world TODAY“! Throughout history the world has been rife with conflict. Nations fighting over religions, neighbors fighting over a property line, families’ at odds, arguments and wars have been raging since before recorded history. Does it appear that there is more happening now than ever before? Yes! Is that true? Short answer, No!

Aided by technology we are now a society of “real time” communication. With social media sites, news sites, independent blog sites all readily available at the click of a button, we have access to more information than ever. Today everyone’s business has become everyone else’s business. Twenty one years ago most all of the major television networks interrupted their programs to broadcast a police chase that was happening in California. A national sports celebrity was in a Ford Bronco being sought after by police for questioning into the apparent homicide of his wife. Was this “news” worthy enough to interrupt the regularly scheduled program I was watching? I sure don’t think so. Don’t get me wrong I was as glued to the television as everyone else and at the time did not really think too much of it.

Flash forward 20 years and I  realize that moment ended up being a major game changer in the way our world functions. We were shifting to a darker society. Not darker because these things are happening, they always have been, darker because of the overwhelming number of people who want to see it. Inadvertently, we have become a sensationalistic society. We like to immerse ourselves into the lives of celebrities, their highs, their lows, and oh that drama. The news markets have always known what sells; bad news, sex, corruption anything that intrigues our curious nature. Along the way we have taught the news media that we do not care if that bad news is in our own back yard or in a community a thousand miles away that we may never visit, or outside of that article never even know existed. Major networks have more than provided enough news like that to fill 30 minute broadcasts; some even find enough news worthy stories to dedicate 24-hour programming to it. If they cannot find the news, it becomes very easy to make the news.

At Hunt County News our goal first and foremost is to be true to the stories that matter to the residents of Hunt County Texas. We promise not to get caught up in sensationalist media hype to sell a story. We pledge to highlight the good side of our people. We make a commitment to you that when you read or watch the Hunt County News that you will receive information that focuses the spotlight on the good of society both near and far. It is our belief that the world is still full of good things and good people. We will not tell you what the news is; we will not sell you on our opinion. We will provide non-biased information and restore your right to interpret the facts and form your own opinion.

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