Watermelon Girl

Ashlee is all smiles as she thinks about the Fall Semester at Texas A&M in Commerce. She has sold a pickup load of watermelons today. Image by Jim Satterwhite

Ashlee Isenburg is the watermelon girl. Throughout high school she has attended classes at Paris Jr. College and has the majority of the “grunt” work or mandatory classes completed.  She will enroll at Texas A&M University in Commerce, Texas this fall to study nursing.

Ashlee buys melons at a 3,000 acre farm just south of Athens, Texas and transports them in her grandfathers pickup truck and trailer to the farmers market. She hopes to sell enough watermelons to pay for a good portion of her tuition.

The Hunt County Farmers Market in Greenville now has fresh corn, red onions, peaches and Texas Blue Berries for discerning “foodies” residing in the city and in its suburbs.

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