Transformers Beseige Greenville

The Big Kahuna Fundraising Company’s party bus decorated as the Transformers makes a turn onto Wolfe City Drive after dropping students at Crockett Elementary School. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

One could not help but notice the unthinkingly painted Transformers Bus as it made several trips north on Wesley Street Wednesday toward Wolfe City Drive.

classrooms at Crockett Elementary School got a special treat Tuesday when The
Big Kahuna Company of Aledo, Texas brought their Transformer Bus to
Greenville.  Students loaded into the
party bus for a special lunch treat at Ci Ci’s Pizza.

Big Kahuna is headquartered in Aledo, Texas. The company started business in March of 2009 with a goal to provide simple and easy Full-Service fundraising for schools. The company offers rewarding prize programs for students and quality products for families all while maximizing profits for every school. 

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