Third Round of Mosquito Spraying to Begin Tonight

Within the next several hours, and for the third time this week, crews with the City of Greenville’s Public Works Department will be spraying portions of the city for mosquito control and prevention.
Municipal Mosquito, who had been contracted by the City to trap and test mosquitos throughout Greenville, informed City Officials that mosquitoes trapped earlier in the week in the areas of the Ridgecrest ditch, the 3100 block of Bourland Street, and the 3300 block of Gordon Street tested positive for the West Nile Virus. Areas being sprayed include all three areas where mosquitoes tested positive.
City Spokeswoman Autumn Barton reported that these were only the second set of positive texts for West Nile, despite the increased rainfall and moisture levels earlier in the year. The City will be testing throughout the summer and after, she said, if conditions warrant.
In the meantime, here’s how to decrease your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes:
• Eliminate standing water around homes, apartments and businesses.
• Keep lawns mowed since mosquitoes are likely to be found in high grass and weeds.
• Keep gutters free of leaves and debris to eliminate this as a breeding site.
• Empty water dishes, bird baths, wading pools, buckets and flower pots that hold water.
• Maintain swimming pools so water does not become stagnant and attract mosquitoes.
• Protect yourself and your family from mosquitoes by remembering the Four Ds:
o DRAIN standing water around your home, apartment or business.
o DUSK–DAWN are peak mosquito hours, stay indoors during these times when possible.
o DRESS in long sleeves and pants when outside. Spray clothing with insect repellent.
o DEET: Use insect repellents that contain DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus.
As always, residents are advised to remain indoors during the spraying. If people are outside while an area is being sprayed, the operators are required to shut down the foggers.

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