The Wind. The Willow and Hunter

Mary Grace Rodriguez and Commerce musician and author Rick Parent slowed the morning down in the little reading room known as The Wind. The Willow Bookstore located in a little nook where a hobby shop was once located. The proprietor, Mary Grace, came from Austin several months ago. Her dream was to have a bookstore and Greenville fulfilled her vision.

The store is tiny when compared to the Goliath that was Hastings but the hospitality provided by The Wind. The Willow Bookstore is unmatched.  Hastings closed its doors forever in Greenville two years ago.

Mary Grace Rodriguez invites all to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea and browse the latest books.

Image by Jim Satterwhite

Rodriguez was inspired to open the store in Greenville by a passage from American Gods, a book by English author Neil Gaiman.  The Shelf Awareness publication is devoted to small, iconic bookstores such as those found in Greenville, Commerce, Archer City, Texas to those tucked away in New York City said, “…a town isn’t a town without a bookstore…”

Rick Parent is a teacher, musician, artist, and rancher living near Commerce, Texas. Rick adopted a wolf several years ago. The wolf named Hunter was more than a pet.  Hunter was an inspiration to the family.  When Hunter crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Rick was inspired to write a diary to herald the life and times of Hunter.  Rick said that he has led an exciting experience from the nightclubs of Washington DC to a ranch in East Texas. Ranch life with a wolf named Hunter showed him how to realize what was really important.

The Hunter Chronicle is available at The Wind. The Willow bookstore in Greenville.

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