The Washington Street Scene

Artist Rawlings gazes down on onlookers as new art splashes living color on the old Washington Hotel. Image courtesy of Barbara Horan.

Signs of spring are everywhere.  Sap is flowing in the trees and springs buds are showing.  Daffodils are springing up in flowerbeds across the county.  The days are getting longer and the old Washington Hotel is getting new sculpture to brighten up the scene at city hall and the Municipal Auditorium.

Barbara Horan, owner of the old Washington Hotel and Townhouse Apartments commissioned artist Pat Rawlings to design and fabricate aluminum sculptures to grace the Washington Street side of the building.  Horan presented a power point presentation about the artwork.  She also had a special treat Saturday when the Village People Featuring Ray Simpson performed in a special review at five PM before the headliner’s big show.

The South side of the Washington Hotel is a big improvement over the dingy brown and beige colors of downtown Greenville. Old photographs were added to make the downtown stroll past the building interesting while it undergoes renovation.

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