The Top Ten 2018 Good News Stories in the County

Good News spread throughout the county in 2018. Hunt County News will review the Top Ten News stories from Number Ten through One over the next few days.

Ten: County Commissioners approve property tax increase during the August Commissioners Meeting. The increase would see approximately $38.00 on a hundred-thousand-dollar valuation. The new tax went into effect on October first and will be reevaluated on September 29, 2019. This story had 1,010 interactions on Facebook.

One of the last official acts of County Judge John L. Horn was presiding over the August Commissioner’s Court. County Auditor Tammy Byrd is conferring with the judge. Image by Jim Satterwhite

Nine: Hospital Corpsman S. Ross was the person of honor at the Greenville Airport today as three Chinook helicopters landed at Majors Field and about thirty soldiers got off in Mid-September. Corpsman Ross was re-enlisting in the United States Navy Reserve for six more years. The helicopters based at Fort Hood, Texas were on a scheduled training mission where they visit various airfields in and around Texas. The story had 1,037 interactions on Facebook.

A flight of three US Army CH-47 helicopters visited Hunt County in September. Image by Jim Satterwhite

Eight: This story is a follow-up to the Number One story for the year. It concerns new woes for Hunt County as the only Driver’s License Examination Station closes. The closure has caused some inconvenience (not much, however, since other examination stations were operated more efficiently). Citizens have learned to deal with the difficulty and chalk it up to business moving at the speed of government. There were 1,087 interactions on Facebook.

The Department of Public Safety in Austin made the decision to close the Hunt County Driver’s License Examination station in August. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

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