The Texan Theater – Starship – Happy Birthday Gabe

Starship – Photo provided by The Texan Theater

As a member of the Hunt County News Team I’m a bit ashamed to admit that the first time I’d ever attended a show at the Texan Theater was last Friday, the 29th of December. Otherwise known as my birthday, this seemed like a pretty sweet time to take advantage of Lana Barker Dollgener’s offer to experience an event at the Texan. Playing that night was none other than Starship ft. Mickey Thomas. 

I’ve been to a few concerts in my time – San Diego, CA; Miami, FL; and Dallas. I must say emphatically, this has been my favorite live music event experience, ever.

I’m not aware of any other venue… anywhere… that has as intimate, as intense experience as the Texan. First of all when you purchase your ticket the first question you’ll get asked: “Do you have any food allergies?” You get the full acoustic feel of a full on concert with the private cozy atmosphere of a rich friend’s private lounge room. The owner of the Texan, Barbara Horan, was in attendance and met each person with a warm, “welcome to my home.” Especially when no one had to tip or pay extra for a single drink it kind of felt like that’s where we were.

So that brings me to the price tag. Friday night’s Starship Concert was $298. This was one of the most expensive events on the Texan’s Calendar of events. So that I don’t bore you with numbers you can check out the breakdown here. But the short: it’s not a “deal” but it is certainly worth it, to show up a couple or a few times a year for something your excited about or to celebrate special occasions.

For me, I’m grateful I took my wife on my birthday to see Starship at the Texan. Especially since they sang happy birthday to me!

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