The Flu Season is Approaching

Flu Season is Around the CornerSchool is in full swing and that means but one thing; the flu season is approaching. Most pharmacies in Greenville, Commerce and Quinlan are equipped to administer the 2015 flu vaccination.

The cost is negligible.  Brookshire’s Pharmacy charges $31.00, for instance, but your insurance may reduce this cost somewhat.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends children six months of age and up receive the shot.  This does not mean that you will not catch the flu but your case may be less severe if you do.

The current vaccine covers three strains of flu virus that the CDC believes will be a problem this season. There is a 4-strain vaccine that covers an additional strain but you should ask your healthcare provider if it is necessary.  The cost is about $15.00 more. This means that you may get broader coverage against the flue with the 4-strain vaccine. The side effects are mild but they vary.

Now is the time to act before the flu season sets in around the holidays!

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