The County Copes with the Storms

Joel tells us to head to the South Sulphur River for cantaloupe. His field near Wolfe City flooded. Image by Joel McKay.

The storms started yesterday afternoon and soon Wesley Street was flooded in places. Several cars stalled out and occupants rescued by Greenville Fire and Rescue.  Rain gauges soon overflowed and residents are estimating six to seven inches of rain has fallen in the past 24-hours. Rain continues to fall.

The Hunt County Scanner reported “strong straight-line winds toppled several recreational vehicles (RV) at the Sunset RV Park and 429 Marina. Cash Fire and Rescue assisted in helping occupants out of the RVs”.

Eric shows off some nice catfish caught along East Lee Street. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Turkey Creek in Wolfe City overflowed Highway 512. Joel McKay at McKay Farms says his “cantaloupe field is under water.  The cantaloupes should be arriving in Commerce by 2 PM”! The Commerce FD was called out a few minutes ago because the Sulphur River has overflowed and trapped people in their homes.

Sulphur Springs received at least two more inches that Hunt County and high-water rescues are ongoing at 3 PM Sunday. A truck was swept off the roadway at CR 4514 and Highway 11. Greenville and the surrounding county had power outages ranging from several seconds to hours last night.

The good news is that the South Fork of the Sabine River overflowed once again at Spur 302 (East Lee Street) and Interstate 30 West. Eric Johnson and Cody Hobbs were pulling catfish out of the ditch alongside the roadway.

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