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Coffee Roaster Dale White shows off a bag of pecan smoked coffee beans.

Coffee Roaster

Dale White has experienced a varied career from printer, teacher and high technology problem solver for Xerox.  Today he is retired and takes on the title of Coffee Roaster.  Dale’s Specialty is pecan smoked coffee.  Coffee that does not rely upon chemicals for flavor.  Dale was one of the many […]

The driver of the white car is not taking any chances by turning left on red at Washington and Johnson Streets.

Left Turn, Clyde

Last Friday’s post regarding the left turn on red at the courthouse square reaped quite a bit of reader review and comment.  So much that it increased our readership three fold.  It also caused the Hunt County News staff to research current traffic laws referencing a left hand turn on […]

A work crew from Rockin S Construction is routing fiber optic cable under Stonewall Street.

Made in the Shade

Afternoon temperatures are expected to rise to 105 degrees by this weekend.  Despite the dire forecast, work must continue on many construction projects in Greenville. A work crew from Rocking S Construction Company of Mt. Vernon was busy running fiber optic lines under Stonewall Street in Greenville Tuesday afternoon.  The […]

The Hunt County News reporter was at the intersection of Johnson Streets and Lee for less than forty-five seconds and witnessed four cars making illegal left turns.

To Turn or Not to Turn

It is taken for fact that one can make a left hand turn on red at all intersections forming the Hunt County Courthouse Square.  A check with Greenville Police is quite the opposite.  There have been numerous collisions at the four corners of the courthouse due to this practice.  The […]

Construction Stalled

Construction has stalled on the new Family Dollar Store located at Lee and Walnut Streets in Greenville. One business owner located across the street tells Hunt County News that there has not been any evidence of activity for the last three weeks.  Most of the parking lot is poured, doors […]