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People scurried for cover when an afternoon rain shower dampened the Rally Round Greenville.

Rainy Afternoon Rally

Retired Marine, Jim Randolph, and his wife, Judy (retired Navy Submariner) danced on Lee Street to the Eagles cover band, Into the West.  The fact that rain was falling steadily did not phase them.  The music was that good. Some vendors started to fold their tents when water started to […]

Two ham radio operators sit in air conditioned comfort inside the Sabine Valley Amateur Radio van during the Cotton Patch Challenge.

Rally Communication Van

Joe Lalumia stands outside of the Sabine Valley Amateur Radio Emergency Communications van that was parked on Stonewall and Jordan Streets.  Volunteers from the “Ham” community provided emergency communications to the command post.  There is room for three volunteers plus a police/fire department dispatcher to monitor emergency communications.  Most of […]

The rain slowed sales significantly this afternoon at the Rally Round Greenville bash.

Denzel “Washinton” Holmes

Several years ago Denzel Holmes retired from a Federal Agency to pursue his real passion of writing.  “I love the name my parents gave me” he said. “Denzel Washington just gave me street credibility”.  Denzel researches early Texas history and writes fictitious novels using characters from the mid 19th Century.  […]

Bicyclist line up on the courthouse square for the Cotton Patch Challenge Tour. (Photo by Jim Satterwhite).

They’re Off!

An estimated 400 bicyclist came from The Ft. Worth-Dallas area, Houston, Austin, Oklahoma and New Mexico to take the Cotton Patch Challenge Tour.  This is a scenic tour over US and State Highways in Hunt and Fannin Counties. There are five routes.  The shortest is 21 miles from Greenville to […]