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Parade Lineup

July 4th Parade Route Official

However, If you driving in the parade you’ll need to know where to park. If you are driving an antique vehicle, the staging area is at Family Fellowship on Division Street.                 All other motorized vehicles will need to park across Division Street, at […]

Ester Erwin and Jon Kucholzt sort out the apple cider and chocolate milk in anticipation of a crowd of merry goers riding the wagons up and down Park Street tonight. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Park Street Gets Ready for Riders

The chairs and stage were set up in the parking lot of Park Street Baptist Church.  Ester Erwin, Jon Kucholzt and Billy Gatewood were busy setting up the cold weather shelter where hot apple cider and chocolate milk will be served later tonight. The nighttime temperature is expected to hover […]

The problem with signage on city streets is that the original message sometimes gets lost in the confusion. Photo by Jim Satterwhite.

Sign, sign, Everywhere a Sign

Citizens from the Park Street Neighborhood in Greenville complained to the city council regarding the high amount of truck traffic traveling Moulton Street to Park and then continuing north onto Johnson.  Last September a truck struck a tree causing a power outage and damaging the truck to an extent that […]