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The Greenville City Council is leaning toward removing the stop sign on Shelby and replacing it with a "cross traffic does not stop". Image by Jim Satterwhite.

City Council Discuss All-way Stops

Greenville City Councilpersons questioned John Wright, Director of Public Services in regards to the new four-way (all-way) stops being tried at Sayle and Shelby Streets and at Old Mill and Edgewood Drives. Monty White spoke at the Citizens to be Heard segment regarding the stop signs, “traffic is sometimes backed […]

Mayor Pro Tem Jerry Ransom reads Motorcycle Safety Proclamation to one of the local motorcycle clubs president known as "Biggin". Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Greenville City Council to Name Mayor Pro Tem

The Greenville City Council will consider naming a Mayor Pro Tem in accordance with the city charter.  This must be done on an annual basis. Councilperson Jerry Ransom is the current mayor while David Dreiling is recuperating from surgery two weeks ago.  The question is will Mayor Pro Tem Ransom […]

The candidates spoke Monday night at the Landmark on Lee. Image by Jim Satterwhite

The Candidates Speak

The Hunt County Republican Club met at the Landmark on Lee last night so the candidates vying for election in the upcoming run-off could speak to the citizens of Hunt County. No disparaging remarks were allowed by Dr. Graham Sweeney. [the_ad_group id=”1017″] The two incumbents, Dr. Jerry Ransom and Dr. […]