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Participants take part in a very special Thanksgiving Celebration at GISD. Image courtesy of GISD.

A Special Thanksgiving Celebration

Helen Williams, GISD Communications, reports, “Families gathered Nov. 5 for the second annual Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD) Thanksgiving celebration.” “We love this event! It’s a chance for kids to interact with their peers and bring their parents and siblings together for fellowship,” said Mary Shaddox, Greenville […]

Image courtesy of Greenville Independent School District and the Greenville Herald-Banner.

Upcoming Election Will be Critical to School Finance

Our readers have asked, “what is up with the school board?” There are several things voters must keep in mind before going to the polls for early voting and election day on November 6th. Dr. Liggins said, “students are thriving and are making academic gains. Texas has rated the District […]

"for whereever life leads" is a good motto of the new GISD. Image courtesy of GISD.

District 4 and 7 Schoolboard Candidates

For those complaining about the rubber stamps at the school board then Election Day in November is your chance to make changes.  This reporter will be doing profiles of each candidate (should they answer the phone) during the month of September. Thursday was the final day to file for a […]

Twenty teams are taking part in the Solar Car Challenge that left for California today from Texas Motor Speedway. Image courtesy of Solar Car Challenge 2018.

The Iron Lion Stalks the Sweetwater Rattlesnake

Watch out, world! Iron Lion IV has left its lair!   This year’s solar challenge vehicle is light, it’s sleek, and it has a reliable power source: the burning summer sun.   The 14 Iron Lions team members were putting the final touches on their solar car this week before heading […]

Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Blackshear wear their "Fight For Frau" red, tee shirts at Tuesday's school board meeting in Greenville. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Greenville’s German Program Bites the Dust

It is no secret that the Greenville Independent School District (GISD) has deep financial problems.  An independent audit was called for by the tax payers in November 2017, and the results of that program are at the Texas Department of Education in Austin now.  Dr. Demetrus Liggins was called to […]