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Chris Yarbrough, senior flight nurse on Air Evac 67, enjoys a hot dog with students from Greenville ISD. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Heroes Luncheon

Two Greenville ISD Resource Protection Cruisers with sirens screaming led two busloads of students from Travis School up Stonewall Street to the Lunch With Heroes at the Fletcher Warren Civic Center Wednesday. Bonita Malone, Director of the Drug Free Greenville Foundation, explained “students collected Hero Trading Cards last month.  Under […]

Greenville Police Chief Dan Busken wishes an admirer well at Heroes Night.  Image by Jim Satterwhite.

A Night for Heroes

Drug Free Greenville (DFG) and first responders in the area once again sponsored Heroes Night last Thursday at the Greenville High School Cafeteria.  Fire engines, police cruisers, ambulance and a medical evacuation helicopter was displayed outside of the cafeteria. The event is a first responder appreciation program designed to educate […]

Ronny, James, Jerald, Lisa and Sarah stand ready to pass walkers and joggers water as they pass by their aid station at Super One. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Cold, Clear Water

Community wide events in Hunt County would be impossible to pull off without the efforts of business, individuals, service organizations, and veterans groups.  Refreshment stands were erected every quarter mile of the four mile walk route for hydration, fruit slices, energy bars and fruit juice drinks.  The 2016 Walkathon sponsored […]

Bonita Malone, director of Drug Free Greenville, starts the 2016 Walkathon at the Farmer's Market. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Drug Free Greenville Walkathon

The 2016 Drug Free Greenville Walkathon started Saturday morning at the Farmers Market. Cheerleaders, bands and walkers of every stripe had gathered for the four mile walk through the streets and by ways of Greenville, Texas. The Walkathon and Walkopoly campaign are the principle fund raisers for Drug Free Greenville. […]

Driving, drinking and texting will often result in disastrous results. Photo by Jim Satterwhite

Driving Impaired

Impaired driving takes on many forms.  Drinking is the most common but drugs and texting are a close second. Drug Free Greenville and Shattered Dreams 2015 have displayed a white Honda Accord at the intersection of Wesley and Poplar Streets by American National Bank. It only takes a second of inattention […]