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Bois D’arc Bash to the Future

Bois D’arc Bash to the Future

This weekend marks the thirty-third anniversary of the annual festival celebrating Commerce as the Bois D’arc Capital of Texas! The “Bash to the Future” event celebrates the incredible, sticky, durable Bois D’arc tree. Sections of Bois D’arc trunks support thousands of period homes in and around North Texas. Many pastures […]

Joel tells us to head to the South Sulphur River for cantaloupe. His field near Wolfe City flooded. Image by Joel McKay.

The County Copes with the Storms

The storms started yesterday afternoon and soon Wesley Street was flooded in places. Several cars stalled out and occupants rescued by Greenville Fire and Rescue.  Rain gauges soon overflowed and residents are estimating six to seven inches of rain has fallen in the past 24-hours. Rain continues to fall. The […]

Sheryl Zedhart and Aryleen Roberts listen carefully as Ian Lockwood go over some of the redesigned pedestrian ways in Commerce.  Image by Jim Satterwhite.


A team from Toole Design Group, from Orlando, Florida held a question and answer session at Commerce City Hall yesterday afternoon.  Guest filed by and ask about the group’s ideas for a redesigned downtown Commerce. The vision involves making the city friendly for pedestrians and drivers alike. Toole Design Group […]

Bus drivers are needed for the new school year. Image courtesy of KETR Radio.

School Bells Ring

TV station vans and reporters were stationed at various campus in Commerce as the five schools in the independent district were the first in the area to start school today.  Buses are on the roadway and parents are bringing students to schoo and picking them up this afternoon. Commerce needs bus drivers for […]

The City Council reinstated a sales tax on gas and electricity sold to residential customers residing in the Commerce City Limits.  Image courtesy of Google Images and Radio KETR,

Commerce Reimposes Tax

The Commerce City Council voted to reinstate a sales tax on gas and electric services within the city at the last city council meeting.  The tax bill was reinstated as a result of a state House Bill enacted in 1978 that exempted residential use of natural gas and electricity from sales […]