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New stainless steel drinking straws are bendable and offer an alternative to the wasteful one use and discard approach. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

A Straw For All Seasons

Last year the buzz word in education was STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Today people are concerned about plastic drinking straws. There are alternatives with biodegradable paper straws, stainless steel drinking straws, glass straws, and silicon straws that are reusable. They are cleaned in boiling water for the next […]

Artist Rawlings gazes down on onlookers as new art splashes living color on the old Washington Hotel. Image courtesy of Barbara Horan.

The Washington Street Scene

Signs of spring are everywhere.  Sap is flowing in the trees and springs buds are showing.  Daffodils are springing up in flowerbeds across the county.  The days are getting longer and the old Washington Hotel is getting new sculpture to brighten up the scene at city hall and the Municipal […]

Pat Rawlings carries a poster size photo to place in one of the doors of the Beckham Hotel. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

New Window Treatment for the Beckham

The Beckham Hotel is located in the once booming cotton capital of the world, Greenville Texas, Hunt County. The massive building was constructed in the year 1885 as several businessman purchased multiple lots. The project was overseen by W.L Beckham who was a blacksmith. W.L Beckham also built several other […]

Hunt County is encouraged to gather at the Texan Sunday for an afternoon of Singing. Image courtesy of the Lutheran Church.

Spirit Singing at the Texan

Churches across Hunt County will gather at the Texan Theater Sunday to Celebrate the Day of Pentecost.  This will be an ecumenical event featuring local musicians.  Local clergy will provide the invocation and benediction.  Readings from the Pentecost account in the second chapter of Acts of the Apostles will be […]