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The slow, soaking rain over the past few days weighted down the leaves until a  branch broke. Image by Jim Satterwhite..

The Mighty Bradford Falls

Grumpy Southern Living Gardener Steve Bender said, “the Bradford Pear is a stinky, oversized tree and is not worth the hassle of planting in your yard. The tree has an overabundance of shade and a weak branching structure. While the tree is a delight in the spring, the white flowers […]

The milkweeds were planted just after mid-morning thunderstorms appeared over the Cotton Museum. Image courtesy of KGB.

Gardening in the Rain

A dozen or so volunteers, directors and docents from Keep Greenville Beautiful and other charities and churches turned out to the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum to prepare milk weed beds for Monarch Butterflies.  Monarchs prefer milkweed to lay their eggs.  The Monarchs hatch, turn into larva and finally into a […]

American Cowgirl Country furnished an image of campfire biscuits baking in a Dutch Oven.

Pioneer Days at the Audie Murphy Museum

A day of outdoor fun will be had at the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum this Saturday.  There will be fun and games as participants go back in time to show how pioneers had a great time in Hunt County.  There will be demonstrations showing how county farmers made butter, baked […]

Bring the kids out Saturday to see an old fashion blacksmith shop at the Audie Murphy Cotton Museum in Greenville. Image courtesy of Don Kormarerchla via Google Images.

Playing With Fire

Join us on Saturday, October 21st from 10:00am – 1:00pm at the Humboldt Church located at 3744 FM 2736 in Campbell for a very special event.  The Ford family will be having a fundraiser for the Blacksmith Shop that will be built at the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum.  There will […]