Super Bowl of Sharing

Tables of graciously donated food by members of Family Fellowship

About 30 volunteers from Family Fellowship helped unload a trailer load of canned food and dry goods donated by their congregation today. The donation to Community Seeds helps feed needy families throughout Hunt County all year long.

Bert Cooper hands on with helping unload trailer full of food

Bert Cooper, the Executive Director of “Seeds” gave the message this morning at Family Fellowship on trying to work at pleasing God. You can watch the recording of the message by visiting Family Fellowship’s Website. Bert Personally thanked each volunteer as they left his facility at 602 College St, Lone Oak, TX 75453.
Community Seeds does great work in the Community. They help by giving a “hand up” and not a “hand out.” They are always accepting donations of all kinds and can be reached by calling: (903) 634-5673.

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