Stick Time

Eric straps himself into a Cessna 152 at Greenville's Majors Field.
Eric straps himself into a Cessna 152 at Greenville’s Majors Field.

Eric Ridenhour of Concord, North Carolina participated in his first flight yesterday at Greenville’s Majors Field.  Jim Folks, owner of Golden Eagle Flight Training, instructed the young pilot on the necessity of a proper preflight inspection, the five basic parts of an airplane, taxi procedure, straight and level flight, coordinated turns, and proper airspeed control.

Eric exclaimed to his grandfather “I want to do this again!”.  Jim Folks said “Eric showed exceptional pilot skills”. Jim also related that Eric at fourteen years of age is not too early to start flight training.  A young pilot can solo at sixteen. This is before most young people get their driver’s license.

Harry Andonian, famed test pilot, congratulated Eric on his first flight.  Harry said that he started flying in 1943 when World War II was well underway.  He went to the University of North Dakota for six months and received two years worth of college credit and flight training before continuing on to advanced flight school.

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