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It didn’t matter what channel was on TV. Each one that flashed on the screen showed similar stories. Robberies – Death – Conspiracies – Loss- Hate – Pain – Sadness. So much sadness. So much hurt. I pointed the remote at the TV, pressed off, and the room dimmed. There is so much more than the pain and hurt the reporters tell. There is so much good in the world. Heck, there’s so much good RIGHT HERE in Hunt County! There has to be something done to share those stories of GOOD, and RIGHT, and HOPE. Do we really only share the negative? What is that teaching the younger generations? Certainly not to share or report the good.

The end table light and the screen on my phone light up the room just enough to not feel so solemn. Scrolling… Scrolling… Funny meme’s, silly pictures of cats, friends and family. Nice, but where can I go for a more positive feel yet personal?


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Hunt County News is about reporting the positive. It’s about sharing locally. It’s about our community. This is a place to connect to, and find out about, the area we live in. Now THIS got my attention. Since that time, I have been following HCN and have truly felt that this is where the news I want, will come from. There is always the opportunity to keep up with the “ugly” that is mainstream media. However, this is going to be a source I will share with my children and we will go to for information when we need it.

Thank you, Hunt County News, for your particularly unique way of Spreading the Hope,

Carla Dunham


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