Socking and Hopping Saturday Night

Do you remember dancing to the tunes and songs of Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee, and the Big Bopper in the high school gym? How about Don Mclean’s single, “American Pie”, released in 1971 that mentioned “dancing in the gym”? Hunt County radio personality, storyteller, and raconteur, Lonny J worked tirelessly to ensure the very first “Sock Hop” in the county in years was very special Saturday night. The event was a benefit for Casa of Hunt County. CASA is an acronym meaning Court Appointed Special Advocate.

Social media often brings old friends together. Local raconteur, Lonnie J., was surprised Saturday night when old friends traveled to Greenville to take part in the Sock Hop. Dave Frember, Lonnie J., and Laura Frember share memories. Image courtesy of CASA of Hunt County and Lonnie J.

Lonnie said via Facebook, “I worked on the Sock Hop for over 4 months. I used social media to constantly promote that event. It was great fun, but now that it’s over, the tone of my social media will change.”

Many people as they season brace the winter of their years coming to the conclusion that there is something greater than themselves

CASA for Hunt County began in 2002 under the leadership of Celeste Prather, who served the organization as it’s an executive director from inception until Sept. 15, 2015. CASA for Hunt County began with a handful of volunteers who were trained and appointed to serve the county’s abused and/or neglected children who came into the care and custody of the state. Today, CASA for Hunt County serves 100 percent of the Hunt County children who, by no fault of their own, are in the care and custody of the state — also known as foster care.

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