Senator Hall to Review DPS

John Vick, Texas Senate District 2 Director for Senator Bob Hall, said, “Senator Hall is aware of the situation in Greenville regarding the Drivers License Office closing at the end of the month.” Representative Dan Flynn, representing citizens in House District 2, said, “Yes (the drivers’ license offices) is a problem statewide.” County Judge John Horn said, “Hunt County has confirmed the office is closing at the end of the month.”

Texas Senate District 2 Director John Vick briefed Hunt County News regarding the drivers’ license situation. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

All three officials are looking into the problem.  “The Hunt County Office is one of seventy-six offices statewide that are considered to be underperforming”, according to Vick. Fox Four News identified the Plano Office in Collin County as one of the examination stations on the list from the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Bonham and Emory are other offices that are on the list of non-performing stations. Vick went on to say, “the Senator is one of the twelve-board members on the Sunset Advisory Commission. The commission will be reviewing the Department of Safety next week.” The commission in Austin is tasked with looking for waste and duplication in various state agencies.

“The DPS has been using the office at 2801 Stewart without charge for over twenty years. There is no record of a formal lease agreement; it was just something somebody worked out at that time”, according to Judge Horn. John Vick said, “Bob (Senator Hall) and I knew something was up Monday afternoon when our phones started to blow up. We started to look for facts rather than listen to speculation.” Hopkins County Judge Newsome said, “the Sulphur Springs examination station is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays for road test only, and no other services are available on those days.”

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