School Board Reorganized

A sea of red tee shirts reading “#Fight for Frau” greeted the school board as they filed in for the public meeting at the Wesley Martin Administration conference room.  A few other attendees had black shirts reading “Make GISD Great”. At one time several hundred people crowded the meeting room.

After the presentations, President Anne Haynes stunned the guest by announcing her withdrawal for consideration as president.  A vote was taken and the board elected John Kelso to serve out Ms. Hayne’s term.  The Oath of Office was administered and the board members changed places.  Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Demetrus Liggins, was elected as President Pro-tempore.

The citizens were angry that the German Program was being canceled for the 2018-19 term.  Frau Easley has taught the program and ran the German Dance Club for almost 38-years.  The assembled multitude brought the contributions of the German culture to western civilization.  Automotive engineering as evidenced by Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW was given as an example. Aircraft engineering and design is evidenced by Fokker, RotorTek and Airbus.

The Protestant Reformation brought on by Martin Luther and the music of Wagner (the ever popular “Kill the Rabbit” of Bugs Bunny fame) is part of that culture.  No decision was made to reverse the discontinuation of a positive course enjoyed by many over the last 38-years.  The German Club and Language Classes have won many honors for Greenville from state and national competitions.  Many in the audience thought the decision to cancel a popular course was a poorly planned and a hasty decision made by the board and superintendent in an attempt to save a few precious dollars on the new budget.

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