Rotary Shelter Box Project

The Greenville Daybreak Rotary Club presented Shelter Box with a check for $250.00 Thursday morning.  Shelter Box deploys to regions experiencing man-made and natural disasters.  Recently, Texas had ShelterBoxes set up for families after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Most boxes include family-size tents, solar lights, water storage and purification equipment, thermal blankets, and cooking utensils. Depending on need, the organization may deliver ShelterKits, smaller aid packages that include tools, ropes, and heavy tarpaulins used to provide emergency shelter and repair damaged structures.

Bruce Heller of the Sunrise Club in Allen, Texas made the presentation. Bruce has deployed to seven different regions that have suffered famine, war, disaster, and political upheaval. He has given out the very last box, and then he sees another family approaching.  They thank him for coming.  He said Thursday morning, “That’s the kind of thing you lie awake at night thinking about,” Heller went on to say, “You’re handing out that last box and you see that mom and her small baby waiting and you don’t have any more to give. There’s never enough aid.”

Bruce said, “Rotary desires to make North Texas a staging point for ShelterBox due to flooding and tornadoes in the springtime.”

ShelterBoxes are deployed to the Phillipeans from a staging area in Australia. Image courtesy of Rotary International.

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