Rolling, Rolling Across the County

Jeffrey Jennings caught up with Erik Bendl and his huge rubber globe near the 101 interchange. Image by Jeff Jennings for Hunt County News.

The following is a compilation from the adventures of World Guy, Erik Bendl, and a call in from Jeffrey Jennings.
Erik has walked over six thousand miles for the cause of diabetes awareness during the last six years with his dog Nice. All together they have crossed forty states and Washington DC to help the American Diabetes Association. They also want to encourage people to get healthy with exercise and diet to control and prevent diabetes. His message is simple, “Love yourself. Go for a walk.”
Greenville’s Jeffrey Jennings caught up with Erik on Interstate 30 just west of Campbell, Texas near the 101 Interchange. Jeff asks about some of his adventures and Erik replied, “No words can fully express the third week of January 2017 when Nice passed away. Somehow, we had stepped in all 48-states (four at Four Corners), walked thousands of miles before he decided to get old and pass quietly. The decline was swift, especially in the weeks from election day until inauguration day when it was time for Nice to leave the world.”
Jeff said, “Erik is very friendly. After all, he is trying to raise awareness of the dreaded disease of diabetes that can cause blindness, limbs to rot, and other health risks. This can be prevented with simple diet modification and exercise.”
Should you want more information, then the best way to contact Bendl is to call him at (502) 408-5772 or simply lookup We do not know where Erik will be next, but one can guess that he is rolling that huge globe past Sulphur Springs by now.

Young people cavorting with the “world” as World Guy Bendl visited their town last year. Image courtesy of 

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