The field reporter that wrote the original article regrets  misinformation regarding the left hand turn on red at the courthouse square was published. This misunderstanding attributed to Autumn Barton, Public Relations Liaison for the City of Greenville, stated that :” citations will be issued should an officer witness you making a left turn on red.”. This statement is correct yet only applies to left hand turns to or from a 2-way street. Greenville Police will not write citations for turning left on red at the courthouse square.  

Upon reaching out to Ms. Barton for clarification on her quote both HCN and Ms. Barton have agreed to where the miscommunication took place. GPD will in fact enforce current city, county and state traffic laws however the left turn from one way street to one way street will not be ticketed unless an officer witnesses a reckless or endangering act.  

At Hunt County News, we try our best to get the correct information to our readers and will do our very best to clarify any misquotes or non-factual statements.  

We would like to thank Ms. Barton for the City’s cooperation with providing details for the article and we look forward to a long good standing relationship with the City of Greenville and all the cities of Hunt County Texas.


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