Reality TV to Cover Chambers Disappearance

The ID Channel used extra talent from search teams that took part in the original Michael Chambers search last year. File photo by Jim Satterwhite.

Hunt County Sheriff Deputy Sgt. Jeff Haines reports, “NBC/Peacock productions affiliated with the “ID” channel have produced a television episode in the case of Michael Chambers”. Michael Chambers disappeared from his home on FM 2101 one afternoon last spring. The production team interviewed witnesses and went to the scene of the last known sighting of Michael Chambers.
Executives with NBC contacted the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office several months ago stating that they wanted to produce an episode surrounding the circumstances of the disappearance of Michael Chambers for the television show “Disappeared”. The show “Disappeared” is a true crime series that has been on the air for the past eight years. The focal point of the show is to highlight known missing person cases with the hope of generating more leads for local law enforcement. This past week the production team has been to several locations shooting scenes that were recreated based on information shared by the Sheriff’s Office, family and friends of Michael Chambers. There is not an air date for the episode as of this press release.
Sheriff Randy Meeks said, “I am grateful that NBC has shown an interest in the case and are helping keep this case in the news. I feel confident that the final product will cover many different aspects of this case and will hopefully lead to new tips coming in to the Sheriff’s Office”.

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    Please keep me up with the air time. Thanks for the help to put this poor man and his family at rest.

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