Poppies to Pistachios

Jenni Bane opened her little shop today.  It is dedicated to everybody loving one another and decorating on a budget.
Jenni Bane opened her little shop today. It is dedicated to everybody loving one another and decorating on a budget.

One of Jenni Bane’s lifelong dreams has come to BE! She is so very excited to announce “the Grand Opening of my little shop, Poppies to Pistachios ~ Resale for the SOUL ~…in Greenville, TX”.  The store opened Friday ~ however, the grand opening is on Sat. – Sept. 19. Store hours are Wed-Sat 10am – 5:30pm.
Jenni said “It just so happens, this weekend is “Rally Round Greenville” ~ a small town celebration with various events taking place, throughout the weekend! Greenville, TX is making its way, back on the map ~ with new shops, music venues, dining and a pulse about downtown that is very exciting for those of us who love watching our town grow in its own unique way”.

Poppies to Pistachios is located on the downtown square in the Uptown Forum ~ where the Calico Cat has been the MAIN place to shop for women’s clothing & accessories for over 30 years.

Jenni states “I am honored to be neighbors with Calico Cat, in the Uptown Forum on Lee Street ~ where a small town is making MANY exciting and unique changes! I look forward to seeing all of you and am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this up and coming town as I move forward with my life goals. God is awesome! The support of my family and friends has been overwhelming ~ Thank You!!!”.


  1. Jenni “Ms. Pistachio “Bane, knocked it out of the park! Ms Bane has an infectious enthusiasm about helping others that transcends an appropriate written discription. She treats everyone like family, so I encourage you all to give her fabulous little shop a visit today!

  2. Mickey Franson

    I’m so so so proud of you and hope you are a GREAT success! I wish I lived in the vicinity so I could stop by!! If I ever make it to Texas, I am definitely stopping at your adorable store! I love the name too: Poppies to Pistachios- love it!
    Good luck and God’s blessing on your new venture!
    xoxo Mickey

  3. Linda Brookins

    Nice write up and exposure. Can’t wait to come shop. I wish you great success. See you soon and will definitely tell my friends.

  4. I’m so happy for you jenny…….

  5. Love your shop Jenni, can’t wait to check it out again, so many unique items & I love your funky groovy style. You made me feel so welcome & very helpful with your ideas. Love love my purchases. Best wishes to you! Pam

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