Patterson and Weaver to Perform at High Noon Wednesday

Rick Patterson will be performing his hit, “Don’t Cry for Me” at the Texan Theater Wednesday at High Noon. Image courtesy of Rick Patterson.

Rick Patterson has just released his debut album “Hick It Up,” much to the delight of his sizeable host of fans. The album is expected to be a success. The innovative sound that he has made his own is sure to gain interest all across the nation.
Patterson was raised on music from many different genres. Country, Rock, Heavy Metal, and Gospel all played a part in developing his unique style. Rick has performed with Mickey Gilley and Jerry Lee Lewis, trendy artist in country music.
Rick began singing with the family band around the age of 5 and his first foray into learning an instrument himself came when he started playing the drums and performing when he was 7 years old. He continued playing the drums for the next 7 years before finally picking up a guitar at the age of 14, a decision which he never looked back from.
Rick was born in Beaumont, Texas but moved to Greenville when he was two years old. He began writing his own songs at age 21 and formed his own band named Fallout when he was twenty-three. He traveled the country and settled in Nashville. In 1998 Rick dropped out of the music scene and returned to North Texas to care for his son that required special needs. During this time, he became the bass player and vocalist for Living Stones Church in Cash. He later moved on to Higher Trails Cowboy Church where he met Mike Weaver. Patterson has written and performed a hit song called Don’t Cry for Me.
Mike Weaver, Music Director at Top Rail Cowboy Church, will be joining Patterson and Friendlee on stage at the world-famous Texan Theater Wednesday at high noon in beautiful downtown Greenville, Texas. Come on out for the free Friendlee Live show and order up a bowl of hot tomato basil soup and panini sandwich for your lunchtime enjoyment.

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