Pancakes or Burgers?

The mystery is solved! There wasn’t a  new sign at the store on Wesley Street in Greenville but there were a few new posters showing the changed name.  Servers had a new badge that was emblazoned with “IHOb”. Darren Rebelez, the company’s president, let the cat out of the bag from the company’s flagship store in Hollywood.

Last week the internet was sent into disarray when beloved breakfast chain IHOP announced it was changing its name to IHOb. Thousands of customers guessed what the letter could stand for, with many guessing on “bacon” or “breakfast.”

With the letter flip and menu expansion, the restaurant chain hopes to appeal to hungry customers beyond the traditional breakfast hours. Seven Ultimate Steak burgers were added to the menu, meaning you can officially satisfy your IHOP cravings for any meal of the day.

IHOP has offered burgers for the six decades the eatery has been in operation but have failed to shift their brand beyond just a breakfast establishment. With the name change and viral marketing effort, IHOP can almost guarantee their message has been sent.

The name change is not permanent and it is not the dumbest move ever.  It was just a corporate entity making use of social media to get free advertisement. As for pancake lovers, fret not! IHOP’s entire breakfast menu is still available, and the name change appears temporary.

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