Other News

A new banner graces the sign near the Boyle Cemetery on Wesley Street.

It Is Hot

The temperature broke 103 degrees yesterday and hovered near One-hundred this afternoon.  Be sure to drink plenty of water. Caffeinated drinks will not relieve thirst. Military survival schools have often drilled the fact that if you are thirsty then you are becoming extremely dehydrated and on the way to heat […]

A coin rest on the headstone marking Patrick Boyle's grave.

A soldier’s Coin

How many of you have visited cemeteries and found coins placed on the gravestones? This is an old tradition thought to have originated during the era of the Roman Legions and Centurions.  The practice was revived during the Vietnam Conflict.  The politics of that Asian War caused grief but  soldiers, […]

The Hunt County News reporter was at the intersection of Johnson Streets and Lee for less than forty-five seconds and witnessed four cars making illegal left turns.

To Turn or Not to Turn

It is taken for fact that one can make a left hand turn on red at all intersections forming the Hunt County Courthouse Square.  A check with Greenville Police is quite the opposite.  There have been numerous collisions at the four corners of the courthouse due to this practice.  The […]