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Bad People Are Always Looking for Easy Targets! By Ginger Lane

Bad People Are Always Looking for Easy Targets! By Ginger Lane

Unfortunately, when we are shopping, we aren’t the only ones cruising the aisles for good deals! Lurking around in just about any retail store anywhere… even in Hunt County, there could be a thief waiting for the opportunity to take your hard earned money home with them. We all know […]

Bobby and Tina Litchfield study the weather chart as they plan their next flight leg to Kansas City.

Flight Planning

Bobby Lee and Tina Litchfield of Upland, California had to orbit Majors Field for several minutes due to the runway being closed due to an in-flight emergency earlier this morning.  Bobby Lee is looking closely at weather brewing along there route to Kansas City.  They are changing their route from a […]

Joel and Brenda Brandstettler's airplane is towed to the hanger after the nose landing gear failed to extend.

In Flight Emergency

Joel and Brenda Brandstetter made an emergency landing at Greenville’s Majors Field this morning.  The nose landing gear of their Cessna 206 would not extend.  After several tries to dislodge the nose gear, they elected to land on the two main gears and drop the nose at the last second. […]

Eric straps himself into a Cessna 152 at Greenville's Majors Field.

Stick Time

Eric Ridenhour of Concord, North Carolina participated in his first flight yesterday at Greenville’s Majors Field.  Jim Folks, owner of Golden Eagle Flight Training, instructed the young pilot on the necessity of a proper preflight inspection, the five basic parts of an airplane, taxi procedure, straight and level flight, coordinated […]