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School board trustee "Slack" Brown, Lesley Overstreet, President Ann Haynes, Superintendent Demetrus Liggings, Trustee John Kelso, Dr. Kim Butcher, and Trena Stafford. Since then Overstreet and Adelle have resigned. Image Courtesy of EgreenvilleExtra.com.

And Then There Were Two

A trustee on the Greenville School Board takes on a thankless job.  Three candidates filed for consideration in District 4 and one stepped up to the plate in District 7. The situation changed as candidates thought out their positions. Today, GISD received written notices of withdrawal from District 4 candidates […]

County Auditor, Tammi Byrd, confers with Judge John Horn on some budget amendments. Image by Jim Satterwhite for Hunt County News.

County Commissioners Approve Tax Increase

There was no fanfare or Citizens to be Heard protest before Hunt County Commissioners passed a new fiscal year budget that had an effective tax increase of almost eleven percent. The new county budget will go into effect on October 1, 2018, and remain until September 29, 2019.  The commissioners […]

"for whereever life leads" is a good motto of the new GISD. Image courtesy of GISD.

District 4 and 7 Schoolboard Candidates

For those complaining about the rubber stamps at the school board then Election Day in November is your chance to make changes.  This reporter will be doing profiles of each candidate (should they answer the phone) during the month of September. Thursday was the final day to file for a […]

Create Your Own Inexpensive Stepping Stones

Create Your Own Inexpensive Stepping Stones

June Morgan, Hunt County Master Gardener has learned how to make the ideal stepping stones out of cast-off materials. A beautifully planted garden often has whimsical, useful, or comforting additions to grace its landscape. Unfortunately, many store-bought items, especially those made of concrete, are costly. The do-it-yourselfer does not have […]

Image courtesey of Radio KJZZ, NPR in Phoenix.

John S. McCain, Jr., A Tribute

There is a special bond between military brothers and sisters.  I was privileged to witness this bond between then-Senator John S. McCain and my business partner Commander David F. Barnhardt, USN Retired. I think it was 1999 when Senator McCain came to Mt. Pleasant NC to campaign for Robin Hayes.  […]