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The Morning Rotary Club donates a children's book to the library.  Dr. Duell presents the book to Congressman Radcliffe for his signature.
The Morning Rotary Club donates a children’s book to the library. Dr. Duell presents the book to Congressman Radcliffe for his signature.

United States Congressman John Radcliffe was a guest of Dr. Bob Duell, former state Senator from Hunt County, at the morning Rotary Club meeting.  Our congressman serves on several committees in the house.  Among those are Homeland Security, Regulatory Reform and the Judiciary committees. His district includes Hunt County and seventeen other counties from Rockwall to the Red River and Texarkana to points south.

Congressman Radcliffe has had several successful amendments added in the eight months that he has had the privilege to serve.  Among those are the elimination of the Open World Leadership Conference.  This eliminated 150 million dollars from the budget for a program that is covered by eighty-nine similar programs in Washington.

Our congressman has three goals that reflect the will of Texans. These are to reduce the size and over reach of the Federal government, to make America exceptional again and give voice to those that cannot speak for themselves.

Other countries believe America to be weak and often try to bully their way.  Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel agree that Iran does not need nuclear weapons while the Iranian sponsored nation state known as ISIS laughs at us while slaughtering Christians, people of other faiths and other Muslims that do not toe the hard line.

The congressman wants to defend those that cannot help themselves; the unborn, young people, students and our veterans through reformation of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

He and others in the house want to bring the three equal branches of government together to enact laws instead of the present system of unchecked executive action, an unaccountable Supreme Court and decisions made by an over reaching Federal government.

Congressman Radcliffe works for the citizens of Hunt County and North Texas.  He hopes to bring our values to Washington and America once again.

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