O’Brien Chooses Battery Recycling Project

Life Scout T. J. O’Brien has chosen battery recycling as a community project for advancement to the rank of Eagle. The event will be held August 18th, 2018. O’Brien will be just one of the scouts from Troop 322 collecting unwanted batteries. The batteries will be turned in for recycling. Containers will be placed at Lowes, Home Depot, the Texan Theater and a few other places around the city for collection. New Phoenix offers a small refund for batteries.

All types of household batteries will be picked up by the Scouts.

The scouts will collect old flashlight D cell batteries, double A batteries that once powered many electronic household devices, Triple-A batteries, handheld power tool batteries and old automobile batteries.

Greenville residents in the neighborhoods behind Walmart should place batteries in a bag by their door by 10 AM on Saturday, the eighteenth. The scouts will come by and pick them up before noon. They will also have a battery recycling booth set up at Brookshires Grocery from 10 AM until 2 PM.

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