New Window Treatment for the Beckham

Pat Rawlings carries a poster size photo to place in one of the doors of the Beckham Hotel. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

The Beckham Hotel is located in the once booming cotton capital of the world, Greenville Texas, Hunt County. The massive building was constructed in the year 1885 as several businessman purchased multiple lots. The project was overseen by W.L Beckham who was a blacksmith. W.L Beckham also built several other hotels including the famous Hotel Grace (known as Grace Museum) of Abilene, TX. The Beckham Hotel was built for $30,000 and it stretches from Lee Street to Washington Street.

Pat Rawlings and his son Kyle have been contracted by Ms. Barbara Horan to add window treatments to the Washington Street side of the old Beckham Hotel.  Pat wisely went to the Audie Murphy Museum and scanned some 500 old photos.  Of those, he chose 50 to add to the windows.

Some of the photos were in such bad condition that they had to be restored piece by piece.  The Washington Street side looks better than it ever has in the last fifteen years.

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