More Drivers License Woes

Yesterday’s notice that the Greenville Drivers License office will close at the end of the month caught many Hunt, Delta, and Collin County citizens by surprise.  Hunt County News is publishing the full letter that went out to the Department of Public Safety and the Office of Texas Parks and Wildlife:

February 1, 2018

RE: Notice Affecting Office Space Use at Hunt County Justice Center

To Whom It May Concern,

I serve as the County Judge of Hunt County, Texas.  For over a decade, Hunt County has provided your organizations with various suites of offices at no cost to the State of Texas.  The County has also provided DPS with County support staff during that period.  Hunt County has valued these relationships and their effect on your ability to do what is clearly very important work.  However, this letter is to inform you that the County has determined that it unfortunately no longer has the capacity to continue those relationships in their current form.

In an attempt to provide as much time as possible to allow you to find a new location, this letter is being sent to inform you of important upcoming dates.  The Hunt County Commissioners Court has approved a budget for the 2017/2018 budget year which provided facilities for your use, and support staff for DPS.  That budget year ends on September 30, 2018.  Hunt County requests that your office vacate Hunt County facilities and move to a new facility by the start of the next budget year – October 1, 2018.  Hunt County also does not have the financial capacity to provide support staff to DPS in the upcoming 2018/2019 budget year.

Hunt County is not aware of any ongoing lease agreement or similar contract with your offices related to the use of Hunt County Justice Center office space.  If you believe such a document exists, please forward it to my office so that we may review its terms.  To the extent that such an agreement exists, this letter is intended to be construed as a written notice to comply with any applicable contract terms.

Hunt County looks forward to working with your organizations in their new locations in the same manner as it has worked with them in the past. We are committed to ensuring that there is no interruption in services during this period of change, and will work with you in every practical way to ensure a smooth transition to your new location(s).

Thank you, and please let me know if you have any questions.



John L. Horn
County Judge

Hunt County News wants our readers to understand that the county is not seeking compensation for office space for the Drivers License Office. According to the County Judge Horn, “state officials have not contacted us in regards to the need to find additional office space.”


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