Monday Was Constitution Day

The document was in danger of not being accepted in 1787. Image courtesy of the United States Library of Congress.

The United States Constitution is the fabric that wraps our nation together.  The young nation declared its independence from the crown in 1776 but did not cobble a governing document together for almost eleven years.  Blame could be attributed to poor communication among the young states. Some signatories feared a strong central government.  Others wanted stronger states rights. Some of the signers did not want states at all but just one nation. The document known as the US Constitution signed in 1787 was the compromise tying the thirteen colonies or states together during that perilous time.

Constitutional student and attorney, Daniel Perkins of Greenville said, “the Constitution is everything in that it created three equal branches of government. It gave us the Bill of Rights and allows for change. Slavery was abolished and women won the right to vote.”

Some politicians want to abolish the document but each and every time the document sways the courts of the land to make the right decision when it comes to citizens rights and the responsibilities of the President, Congress, and Supreme Court.

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