Miss Magnificent Pageantry

Miss Magnificent pageants promote the self esteem, confidence, and communication skills of individuals with special needs in a positive and encouraging environment through the production of beauty pageants. Our pageants are tailored around the abilities of our contestants. The only requirement is to be aged 5 and up with a special needs. Verbal or nonverbal, walking or wheelchair bound, everybody gets the chance to participate! There are 3 required areas of competition: self introduction, formal wear, and interview (if verbal). There are also 2 optional areas of competition (photogenic and talent).

Boys and men participate too! They escort the contestants during formal wear and introduce themselves between categories (when contestants are changing out of self introduction outfits into formal wear outfits or talent outfits, etc.). They have their own time slots for interview and for talent. It’s a good way for them to be involved and participate in the pageant without them actually “competing” in a pageant.’

Every contestant gets a crown, princess sash, trophy, and goody bag! Every “escort” gets a medal, trophy, and goody bag. I want everyone to get their chance to shine and feel like a princess or prince. What could make that even better? All of our pageants are completely free!

Our Third Annual North Texas State Miss Magnificent Pageant is this month, July 30th, in Frisco, TX at the Preston Ridge Campus. We would love if you could help us spread the word about our upcoming event.

Lillian Reeves

Founder, Executive Director


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