Misfit Garage Films Episode in Quinlan

A videographer from the Pilgrim Media Group captures an action sequence for an upcoming Misfit Garage episode. Image courtesy of the Pilgrim Media Group via Facebook.

Local television personality Thomas Weeks of Quinlan and realty TV star Tom Smith of Carrollton with their Misfit Garage team videoed a future episode Of Misfit Garage in the city the first part of the week. The Misfit Garage series is in its fifth season on the Discovery Channel. The series filmed a portion of their show in Greenville last spring.  The car was shown racing up Lee Street.

Craig Pilgrim with Pilgrim’s Media Group produces the show.  The script has Weeks negotiating and then buying a 1970 Camaro from Ford High School graduate, Michael Parker. Parker says, “he worked summers six years ago to buy the car that is equipped with a 350-small block engine with standard carburation”.  Michael went on to say, “I just did not have time to fix it.  I was going to school and trying to keep a truck going as well”.

Some say the Discovery series is one of the more popular car shows.  While this episode was being captured plethora of Misfit episodes was being shown Monday night on the Mega Motor Week’s programming. Misfit is a spin-off of the popular Gas Monkey series.

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