Meet the voice behind one of Greenville and Hunt County’s most energetic personalities. Hunt County’s own Friendlee!


I had a chance to speak to Friendlee in a one on one interview to find out what he thinks about all things Hunt County

For those of you who do not know Friendlee, here’s a little introduction. Friendlee is the voice of Hunt County Radio 105.9 or am 1400 home of  Texans, Legends & Outlaws. He has never met a stranger, he has the positive outlook of a child, and he is probably one of the most energetic upbeat people you will ever meet.

HCN: Friendlee, you are such a driving force why do you do what you do for the community?

Friendlee: It’s my responsibility as a citizen of the community to be informed and inform those people who don’t have the ability to get out and about and find out what things are going out in the community.

HCN: You approach everyone with such ease, would you consider yourself a people person?

Friendlee: From an early age, thru my education, you know elementary, high school, college and into the business world, I associated with individuals’ that I knew that someday would be a reward for me and just latched onto them. One of the people early on was my mentor Zig Ziglar. I worked with him for nearly a year, learned so much about myself and what others perceive when they see me or talk to me, his teaching’s were be who you are, if you stay in the box that’s who you will always be.

HCN: What’s Friendlee’s vision for the Hunt County area?

Friendlee: I just want to let the rest of the nation know that we have a community that over the 100 plus years since Greenville was started, that it has progressed so much that in the last 5 years Greenville has took a turn for the best, we now say “It’s happening”. Lee Street, the interstate, the whole area, its happening. It’s happening because people are making things happen!  As my grandfather told me, he said, ‘Peabody there are 3 kinds of people in the world; people who make things happen, people that watch things happen, and people that just don’t know what’s happening.”.  I chose to be that individual that makes things happen for the community.


HCN: If there was one thing that you wanted people to know about you, what would it be?

Friendlee: The one thing when people see me or talk to me they recognize that I represent a media that has been around for a long long time, since March the 3rd 1946 is when the radio station came into being. When they look at me I want them to think Friendlee 105.9 or am 1400. Keep it in your boot!

HCN: What are your thoughts about what we are doing as a news organization?

Friendlee: I think what you’re doing is something that has been needed for a long time. People want good news, bad news sells but good news sells better if it’s done right and you’re doing it right.

You can hear more of Friendlee weekday’s from 4-6 pm weekdays on FM 105.9 or AM 1400. Like Friendlee says, “Y’all take care ‘n Keep it in yer boot!”

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