1. C. Eric Ross

    Beloved son, brother and friend to so many. We, who were so blessed to know Lowell and be touched by his warm heart and humorous demeanor, will never know a man as accepting and loving. He was my brother through good times and bad, dark days and into the light of joy. I will never know a friend and brother as cherished as he. Lowell, you left us and this mortal coil far too young. I wish you farewell and Godspeed. You have forever changed my life, brightened my days and illuminated my nights. I love you and will miss you until we meet again. Namaste’ dearest brother.

  2. Stephanie H.

    Dougie your my best friend always have been. You always knew what to say to make me smile. You and I went through a lot of good times and bad times but we always found our way back. You brightened my day and I am so thankful I sat at the Senior table because if I didn’t I would have never met you. My mom and dad loved you like you were their own. As you put it many times before I was your “road dawg”. Now that your gone I have no idea what I am going to do without you. You were my everything and now I have to figure life out on my own. I miss you and love you so much you will never truly know how much u meant to me.

  3. Kenneth Malone


    The statement “Words cannot express” has been uttered so many times by so many people that it has become old hat. Regardless, the statement is true in this case. Doug and I were kindred spirits in many ways. He was that one person I could call on anytime and whom I shared with my most inner thought. I look back upon every moment we shared together with fondness and will always think upon our friendship as a marker for which I will teach my own kids.

    “If your friends love you even half as much as Doug loved me, then you have something special indeed. Don’t let that go. Don’t allow distance to separate you and if there are ever disagreements, fight for that friendship because people like that..you don’t just meet them by chance. They are sent to you.”

    Doug, may you rest in peace….

    And may God bless all those who knew and loved Doug….for her certainly loved you.

  4. Doug Felps was such a strong man. He loved freely, and tried to take every bodies pain upon himself. He was amazing listener, and always gave great advice. These last few months were one of the best times of his life. He was so happy. He deserved it!! He has been gone now for 2 days, and I keep thinking to myself that this is a dream. It doesn’t feel real. I know he is without pain now, and like I told my kids. He is running to Jesus!! Doug, you will always be in our hearts. And… We will never forget how much you meant to our family. You were family. Rest in peace Dougy Doug.

  5. Tanya Crouch (Doughty)

    I still can’t believe you were called up to heaven so soon. I will never forget how easily you accepted people into your life. Being Navy Brats we had something instantly in common that grew into an unforgettable friendship. You will be missed by many. prayers of comfort going up for your sweet parents.

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