Loading Up and Trucking to Cash

The Dallas Garland and Northeastern Railroad hauled two transformers weighing approximately 250 tons each to the old Hunt Yard off Wellington Street two or three days ago.  The H. Brown Company from New Iberia, Louisiana assembled a caravan of steerable dollies, cranes, support vehicles and flatbed trailers to make the move from Greenville to Cash, Texas. They will slide, jack, and put the transformers in their respective positions.

The Rayburn Electric Company’s new substation is just off CR 3508 near Weiland. It will hook into an existing 138Kv transmission line that is just south of Weiland on FM 2101.  It will be part of the overall Rayburn Electric Company upgrade that is part of the Energy Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) that manages power to 24-million Texans.

The transformers will be loading onto special conveyance to be able to negotiate the Hunt County roads with minimal damage.  The caravan will travel down Wellington to Jack Finney then south on Wesley to Cash. They will turn at Reams’s Market then go to the county road at 3507. The move is scheduled to take place Saturday or Sunday night.

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