Letter to the editor. PJC Tax

pjcA vote for PJC is a vote for capitalism, not Big Government.
As you know by now, you have an opportunity in November to vote for an 8.5 cent property tax to support PJC. A number of citizens have made it their mission to inform the public that this is just another grab for taxes to be misspent by a greedy business who doesn’t manage their budget well. May I say that nothing could be further from the truth? Please check those facts at the Texas Association of Community Colleges website.
Paris Junior College has a vested interest in education in Hunt County, if you doubt this, please drive out to our campus and see for yourself. Travel to some of the rural high schools and talk to their principals and superintendents and see what they have to say about our dual credit program and the quality of education their high school students are receiving. Those classes will transfer to any university in the state of Texas at less than half the cost of university tuition. Still not convinced? How do you feel about having locally trained nurse aids, nurses, radiology techs, surgical techs, paramedics and EMTs? I choose Hunt Regional for my healthcare needs because I trust those nurses who have graduated from PJC. I know they have had a quality education and I know that they truly care for people.

What will your investment do? It will lower tuition for students by eliminating an out of district tuition rate for Hunt County residents. It will allow the county to elect members to the PJC board of Regents who will protect that tax rate and help determine the direction and expansion of programs for the college. It will keep PJC operating despite state appropriations diminishing. It will allow students to achieve educational and career goals, thus, lowering crime, increasing the standard of living and promoting health in this community. Capitalism thrives on an educated, well trained workforce. Entitlements are necessary when citizens fail to acquire meaningful, gainful employment. It is the college’s mission to help citizens find their niche in society and avoid dependence on government aid.

I have been blessed to be an educator for 27 years. I taught at Wolfe City ISD for 16 years and have been with PJC in Greenville for 11. Educating students from age 14 to 60 has been a tremendous pleasure. The students at PJC are good people. They give to their community regardless of their own financial burdens. I have seen them donate food, blood and toiletries for citizens and soldiers in need. I have seen them balance multiple jobs and raise children while taking classes. I am a property owner and I have no reservations about paying my share to keep PJC in business, not because I earn my living there, but because I have seen firsthand the difference getting an education and meaningful employment has made in the lives of so many students young and old.

Cheryl D. Anderson


  1. I tried to enroll at pjc but would’ve needed government student loans (which i was shocked to learn they don’t offer). I am voting against the tax hike because if people who really need the support from student loans can’t even go there- why would I care to support the school? I instead enrolled at Texas a&m commerce- my degree will be much more respected and I have the ability to pay for classes.

  2. Cheryl Anderson

    Unfortunately, PJC stopped offering student loans due to unscrupulous people taking out those federal loans,and using them for anything but school. The percentage of students who took out the loans and went into default increased such that PJC had to stop giving them or risk loss of federal Pell Grants for students. The federal guidelines at that time made it difficult to insure that students would ever repay their debts. If the tax were to pass, students would see their tuition cut almost in half which might make loans unnecessary.

  3. Why did they tack on the bill that they could increase that 8.5 cent by 50 percent without voter approval? That is my only issue with it. Otherwise I would vote for it without reservation.

  4. Lori Mae Hatfield

    did you know that more than 60% of the students that go to PJC receive Pell Grant…Pell Grant pays $5800 a year to the college…that is enough to take 4 classes each semester, buy books, and get a refund check. I went to the public forum last Tuesday…the President of the College Dr. England said that 80% of the students receive either pell grant or scholarship assistance. The state legislature is looking into cutting funding for Junior colleges, but has not done so…for every $100,000 of property value you would be paying an additional $85 dollars a year in property taxes. The average value of a home in Hopkins County since the re evaluation by the appraisal district if well above $100,000…Dr. England also said that the increased tax and the lowered tuition is basically a wash…so the college would not be getting much money from this tax hike. If we vote for this…look on the ballot we are actually voting on a 17 Cent tax hike. The board of regents has the authority to increase our taxes by 8% of that 8.5 cents every year without us voting again…So the biggest winner in all of this would be the students who get Pell Grant to pay for their college…they would receive a larger refund check. It is just another welfare program…I will be voting no and I encourage you to do some research and vote no also.

  5. Capitalism is getting investors to finance a project. Socialism is getting the taxpayer to fund it.

  6. James Matlock

    Should have to bring proof of property ownership to the polling location to even get a say so in matters like this.

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