Lake Ralph Hall is Just a bit Closer

Larry Patterson, Executive Director of the Upper Trinity Regional Water District, presented a program about the proposed Lake Ralph Hall to the Noon Rotary Club in Greenville two weeks ago. The Upper Trinity serves Denton, Dallas, Collin and Fannin counties and manages water needs years in advance.

Lake Ralph Hall is proposed to be located north of the Town of Ladonia in Fannin County.  A portion of the North Sulphur River will be dammed to form a lake about the size of Grapevine Lake just north of Ft. Worth. The management district estimates the lake will cost almost 286 million dollars by the time it is completed in 2025. Nearly 30 million gallons of water per day will flow to the regional water district.  Hunt County will not see much use other than fishing and boating opportunities once the lake is impounded.  Wolfe City may benefit when the pipeline to the water district passes near the town.

The North Sulphur River was channelized in the 1930s to control erosion.  The first channel was 30-40 feet wide and ten feet deep.  Ninety years of storms and floods have caused the Sulphur River bed to become 300-600 feet wide in places.  Bridges have been washed out and replaced as a result.

The lake when impounded will control erosion and become a healthy environment less prone to disastrous floods according to Patterson. The location is ideal for a lake in that “no oil or gas wells are present, no known cemeteries, or communities that will be disrupted,” said Patterson.

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