King Cotton

Pamela EdwardsCotton was king in the 1920-60’s in Hunt County.  Gins operated twenty four hours per day during harvest.  Cotton wagons lined the roads leading to the gins.  During October nights lint was burned in furnaces near every cross road gin in the county.

Pamela Edwards is putting finishing touches on a work commissioned by the Keep Greenville Beautiful Foundation and the Hunt County Public Art Commission.  Her artwork applied to the building at Washington and Stonewall Streets is entitled “High Cotton”.  When ask what the term meant she said “our ancestors considered tall cotton plants to be less back breaking work during harvest”.  It could also be interpreted “that the price the brokers paid for cotton was high and that meant clothes and shoes for the family” she said.

The mural is more than an interpretation of the importance of cotton to the region. The abstract squares on the mural represent abundant water, salt in the region’s soil, and sulfur that is mined in East Texas.  The geometric patterns represent the Caddo People that inhabited this region prior to us.

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