Kelly Howell, Baker

The Farmers Markets at Commerce and Greenville were jumping this morning with vendors from Hunt and neighboring counties.  Kelli Howell is a master baker.  Her company, Found Penny Farm, specializes in home made breads and locally produced honey.

Many sage Hunt County residents swear that eating a spoonful of local honey daily will do wonders for your allergies. It would be interesting if our readers could comment one way or another on this story.

Kelli’s breads are made from flour that she has ground herself.  Bread comes in both white and wheat.  The aroma of fresh made bread spread throughout the market and many people line up for a loaf of bread.

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  1. Shawn Moyen

    I’ve been a fan of Kelly Howell and her baked items for almost a year now and all I can say is YUM!

    My family really loves her White Bread for Sunday morning French Toast and lunch time grilled cheese sandwiches! We all love her Whole Wheat and Sprouted Wheat for everything else. My kids were really surprised at how delicious wheat bread could taste and now have a new favorite that they have to have.

    She bakes a Banana Walnut Bread that even my mom prefers over her own and Kelly has made her Chocolate Cake for my kids birthdays, my Sunday School party, and the family reunion that I didn’t have time to bake anything for — life saver!

    Yeah, I’m a fan and a customer. She is my “supplier” and we laugh about how addictive fresh, good tasting, healthy can actually be!

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