It’s a bird! It’s a plane! NO! IT’S MR. D’S HELICOPTERS! By Ginger Lane

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It’s a bird!
It’s a plane!
By Ginger Lane

Things to do in Hunt County just got a lot more exciting! Romantic marriage proposal? Special Anniversary? Tours? Or even Hog Hunting …shooting from the air! The possibilities are endless.
I was driving through Lone Oak a couple of weeks ago and saw a sign that said, “Helicopter Service”.
I immediately glanced to the business and didn’t see a helicopter, and kept going. But, the thought stayed with me. What kind of helicopter service?
Then, I saw another sign the next week. Helicopter Rides! Now, all kinds of possibilities ran thru my head. Hunt County has a helicopter? Great! Combined with me having a grandson, I got super excited about it and I started letting my fingers do the walking.
When I called to ask about the helicopter rides, a very enthusiastic pilot answered the phone. His passion for flying helicopters was quite obvious. And, he turned his excitement into a business. Larry Dodson, owner and commercial pilot, said that his love for flying started when he first got to take a ride when he was about five years old and he never lost the taste for it.
I set up a meeting with him to find out more and met Mr. D (aka Larry), Shirley, his wife and his daughter Amanda. They definitely share in his passion for the business.
Then, I got to meet the turbine powered 1979 Hughes 369 D(MD500)! For those of you who are not familiar with this type of helicopter, it is at times referred to as the Ferrari of helicopters. The best description I can give is that it is the same helicopter flown in the 1980’s television series, Magnum PI starring Tom Selleck.
Larry bought his prized possession from the Las Vegas Police Department. It had been used for search and rescue, as a training aircraft and has even chased bank robbers!
Each part of a Helicopter has a timer on it and that part (even if it is working properly) has to be replaced. There are strict FAA regulations that have to be followed and Mr. D’s has a serious commitment to keeping his helicopter in top shape.
Larry, Shirley and Amanda told me about the different experiences that are available to us that have never been reachable in our area before. You can request a relaxing trip over a particular area or get supercharged with a once in a lifetime flight that has negative & positive G-Forces with some really fast 90 degree turns and reaching speeds up to 150 MPH.
Mr. D’s Helicopters mission is to provide their clients with a rare opportunity usually available to only a select few. His dream began at five years old and would love to pass the dream on to all of us. Helicopter rides are also available to children (ages 5 and up with a parent aboard).
LET YOUR DREAM BEGIN! You can get more information and pricing by calling 903-662-0028 or 214-325-2643 or by going to their website:

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