It Is In The Cards

Our Greenville Independent School District correspondent, Helen Williams reports Travis Elementary students delighted in a magic show put on by David D’Angelo, a performer who specializes in educational and motivational programs in schools last fall.

 At the end of the program, D’Angelo and Travis Principal Jose Munoz asked the students if they’d like to learn how to perform magic tricks. After students replied with a resounding yes, they were told to set a goal for the rest of the school year. Some chose perfect attendance, while others aimed for excellent behavior and good grades. And if they met the goal, D’Angelo promised to come back in May to teach them tricks and give them a free deck of cards.

 More than half the students at Travis met their goals, and May 25, D’Angelo made good on his promise. 

 “These are incredible kids, and not only did I teach them magic tricks today, I told them that if they can read and do math, they can succeed at almost anything in life,” D’Angelo said. “Magic sparks the imagination in a child, and seeing these students succeed inspires me.”

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